Creche Local Authority Full Time Nursery Provision


Project Name Address Contact Number Sector
Drumchapel Early Years Centre Antonine Campus
4 Abbotshall Avenue
G15 8PR
0141 944 8530 Local Authority
Drumchapel Family Learning Centre St Clare’s Campus Kilcloy Avenue Drumchapel Glasgow G15 8RP 0141 944 5455 Local Authority
Fasque Family Centre 9 Ladyloan Avenue Drumchapel Glasgow G15 8LE 0141 944 0566 Local Authority
Pikeman Nursery School and Family Learning Centre 21 Archerhill Road
Knightswood, Glasgow G13 3 NJ
0141 950 6591 Local Authority
Thirlestane Day Nursery C/O Yoker Primary School, Craggan Drive, Yoker, Glasgow G14 0ES 0141 959 4043 Local Authority



Local Authority Nursery Schools/Classes

Project Name Address Contact Number Sector
Chesters Nursery School 10 Bankglen Road
Glasgow  G15 7LG
0141 944 1831 Local Authority
Cloan Nursery School 45 Cloan Avenue
Glasgow G15 6DE
0141 944 2191 Local Authority
Cloverbank Nursery School 193 Moraine Ave.
Blairdardie, Glasgow G15 6LG
0141 944 8679 Local Authority
Kelso Nursery School 170 Hawick Street Yoker, Glasgow G13 4HG 0141 952 2502 Local Authority
Rowena Nursery School 36 Knightscliffe Ave Knightswood Glasgow G13 2TE 0141 959 4183 Local Authority
Pikeman Nursery School/FLC  21 Archerhill Road, Glasgow G13 3NJ 0141 950 6591  Local Authority



Other Full Time Nursery Provision

Project Name Address Contact Number Sector
All Tots Nursery 2064 Great Western Road
Glasgow G13 2HE
0141 959 0085 Private
Buddies Club Nursery c/o Netherton Community Centre 358 Netherton  Road, Knightswood Glasgow G12 1AX 0141 434 0201 Voluntary
Careshare at Netherton
(In Partnership)
Next Generation Club 236 Netherton Road, Glasgow G13 1BJ 0141 950 2450 Private
Gowanlea Private Nursery
(In Partnership)
37-41 Garscadden Road, Glasgow G15 6UH 0141 944 3877 Private
Munro House Private Day Nursery and Kindergarten
(In Partnership)
Munro Business Centre Unit 42 &46
Munro Place
Glasgow G13 2UW
0141 959 0438 Private
Step By Step Nursery
(In Partnership)
260 Rotherwood Ave. Knightswood Glasgow
G12 2AY
0141 958 0555 Private



Out of School Care

Project Name Address Contact Number Sector
Antonine After School Care (TASC) Antonine Campus
4 Abbotshall Ave.
Drumchapel Glasgow G15 8PR
0141  944 6868 Voluntary
Bankhead After School Care 66 Caldwell Avenue, Glasgow
G12 3AS
0141 954 0899 Voluntary
Blairdardie Out of School Service (BOSS) c/o Blairdardie Primary School
78 Kearn Avenue
Blairdardie, Glasgow G15 6HL
07986 059811 Voluntary
Buddies Club / Playscheme c/o Netherton Community Centre 358 Netherton  Road, Knightswood Glasgow G12 1AX 0141 434 0201 Voluntary
Corpus Christi Out of School Service (BOSS 2) 179 Pikeman Road Glasgow G13 3BH 0141 952 5100 Voluntary
Knightswood After School Care (TASC) Knightswood Primary School
36 Knightscliffe Ave Glasgow G13 2AB
0141 950 2779 Voluntary
St Clare’s After School Care (TASC) 15 Kilcloy Avenue Drumchapel Glasgow G15 8RP 0141  950 2497 Voluntary
Scotstoun After School Care c/o Scotstoun Primary School
21 Duncan Ave. Glasgow G14 9HB
0141 959 7302 Voluntary
St Ninian’s After School Care (TASC) c/o St Ninian’s Primary School 2150 Great Western Road  Knightswood Glasgow G13 2AB 0141 950 2497 Voluntary
Yoker Out of School Care Yoker Resource Centre 10 Kelso Place Yoker Glasgow G14 0LL 0141 952 6485 Voluntary


Yoker Resource Centre, 10 Kelso Place, Glasgow G12 0LL

Telephone Number 0141 952 6485

Toddler group information   

Toddler groups are a valuable part of the community and encourage the involvement of parents and carers who wish to use them. Each group is managed by a voluntary parent run committee.


Toddler groups are set up to meet the needs of parents, their babies and young children and are open to anyone responsible for the care of the under threes; parents, grandparents childminders, aunts and uncles . Parents and carers remain with their children throughout the toddler group session and retain full responsibility for their child. Adult involvement with the children is essential in toddler groups. A staff member may be employed to provide play activities.


A well run toddler group promotes the value of play for young children with a wide variety of  activities and equipment available , and can support their learning and development while also offering information, support and company to parents.


Groups vary in size, organisation and management and SPPA recommends that groups follow 10 steps to a Successful Toddler Group


Should anyone require more information about their nearest Toddler group, please phone SPPA on 0141 221 4148



Last Updated on:11/04/2012